DO NOT mess with Windsor Terrace!

What I experienced tonight was definitive proof that Windsor Terrace is NOT Park Slope’s sleepy little neighbor. What I witnessed was not a hipster foodie discussion about the uses of Sriracha or locally sourced ingredients. What I did participate in was community in every sense of the word. It was akin to a gathering in a tiny midwestern town but with with much bigger balls and a great deal of pride and passion. It was about the most basic of needs while keeping the small, friendly neighborhood lifestyle amidst a thriving metropolis.
It was about the ONLY supermarket in Windsor Terrace closing and having been sold to a big-box mega chain drugstore. 
So, a Key Food closes and a Walgreens opens- who cares? The denizens that call Windsor Terrace home (even some that USED to call it home!)  The people that have lived here for 50 + years, don’t or can’t drive and certainly cannot walk to the next “closest” supermarket which could be about a mile away. The people that have lived here only a handful of years, have no mobility issues, a plethora of choices at their disposal and WANT a reason to shop here. Of course, there’s also the entire neighborhood in between that have an almost infinite amount of logical, rational, emotional and even seemingly irrational reasons.
The bigger question of the night was WHY? Why would Walgreens want to open here when we already have enough (beloved!) pharmacies serving the neighborhood? Why would they want to sell “health and beauty” products that are abundant enough elsewhere? Why would they not want to sell a bounty of fresh produce, quality meats and affordable food staples that customers are demanding, née BEGGING, to buy? Why would you not embrace a monopoly handed to you on a silver platter?
Prepackaged foodstuffs, wrapped sandwiches, rice pudding, fruit cups and even cold cuts will not cut it. As succinctly put by one woman as the voice of many ” Will I be able to walk in and buy my Thanksgiving turkey?”
Basically, it seems we’re being given a turkey of a deal and I didn’t hear one person out of over 500 give thanks.
Windsor Terrace is the Incredible Hulk of Brooklyn neighborhoods. We’re kind, gentile and unassuming. “Don’t make us angry- you won’t like us when angry!”

11:34 pm: stenro