The Pavilion Theater in Park Slope- Will you return?

So, I just had an interesting “conversation” on Twitter with The Pavilion. They have acknowledged their problems, explained what has been done and what is still being worked on. They do seem eager to gain back our trust and, more importantly, our business. Of course, actions speak much louder than words but they do seem genuine.

When asked about the status of renovations, have they done more than just replace some seats and put up some paint, fixed the a/c, etc. 

"Glad you asked! We know we’ve left a very bitter taste in our customers mouths, but we are doing A LOT to finally fix it!"

They provided me with the following info:

They have already replaced “all those awful purple seats in the theaters.”

Renovated concession stands:

  • The backsplash
  • The machinery
  • The broken tiles
  • They now serve yogurt

Replaced the carpet throughout the theater

Have spent almost $80,000 on the still-in-progress upstairs cafe

Major cleaning

Working on

The ceiling tiles

Sprinkler system safety

A final choice on the interior colors to highlight the classic design

Staff’s ability to provide the highes level of customer service which includes cleaning frequently

As for the A/C, the original ‘28 structure has consistently needed to be updated to accommodate modern appliances. This is one of them.

"& for the record- there is no record, actual case or judgement of BEDBUGS @ The Pavilion! Rumors; the city would require exterminators"

Also, “We will not be raising prices & truly hope to see you & other BK/Park Slope residents back, watching all the best movies with us!”

On Twitter they are @ThePavilionBK

On Facebook they are

On Tumblr they are

07:00 pm: stenro