Green Beans Not Walgreens- A community fights back

                                           GREEN BEANS NOT WALGREENS


For Immediate Release: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Community Opposition to Walgreens Launches New Name, Website, in Fight for Grocery Store

WINDSOR TERRACE—Thus far, community leaders in Windsor Terrace have collected over 2,000 signatures—more than 16% of the total neighborhood population—in an ongoing boycott pledge drive opposing the pending arrival of a Walgreens location at the former site of the neighborhood’s only full service grocery market. 

Building upon this outcry of community opposition, a group of Windsor Terrace citizen advocates have launched a new website for residents and supporters to use as a place of information and action to oppose the replacement of Key Foods with a Walgreens pharmacy. 

The website,, will serve as a rallying point for residents eager for information and action in opposition to the Walgreens locating to the small neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Windsor Terrace, a community of just over 12,000 residents on the southwest side of Prospect Park, is already home to two existing pharmacies, but with the departure of Key Food, will now lack a full service grocery store in a mile in either direction, and could potentially be considered a food desert.  

Coupled with the website launch, the group unveiled its new name, Green Beans Not Walgreens, a name that was adapted from a chant and rallying cry heard at a previous rally opposed to Walgreens arrival.  GBNW is made up of local advocates who hope the website and name serve as another way to accommodate the growing opposition to Walgreens in the community.  

“The Green Beans Not Walgreens website will serve as a focal point of action in support of fresh food in our community,” said, Steve LeVine a Windsor Terrace resident of seven years.  “Walgreens, to date, has failed to respond to our requests for real food options, and this website is necessary to organize our neighbors and advocate for what our residents desperately need: a grocery store.”  

At a meeting in late June, Walgreens representatives dismissed requests from community leaders and local elected officials to either operate a full service grocery, renegotiate the lease to subcontract the store space to another grocery operator, or work with the City to identify a partnership where Walgreens and a grocery store could co-exist on the same site.  

“Since Walgreens said no to us, we’ve decided we’ll say no to them,” said Laura Jacobs, a lifelong Brooklyn resident.  “This website is just another step of the many that we will take to let Walgreens’ leadership know that if they don’t consider our community needs, our community won’t consider shopping at their store.”

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