U.S. Postal Service Plans To Launch Experimental Same-Day Delivery Service


Frederic Lardinois:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) just informed the Postal Regulatory Commission that it plans to launch an experimental same-day delivery service called Metro Post. The USPS says this test is specifically designed for e-commerce companies and will initially focus on a single (currently undisclosed) metropolitan area. The market test for Metro Post is scheduled to begin around November 12 and run for at least one year.

The USPS as it currently exists is nothing but a bureaucratic nightmare and a black hole for money. It ranks second only to the DMV as the worst thing ever. It’s not entirely clear why it still exists in the 21st century. To ensure junk mail gets delivered?

But this could actually be a decent idea. The infrastructure is in place. Of course it will come down to execution — not exactly the USPS’ strong suit.

So let me get this straight: a focus on only one metropolitan area and take at least a year? Sorry, that’s not an “experiment.” That’s a pet project that, when it fails, can be excused by saying it was an “experiment.” It just focuses on how the USPS is grossly mismanaged. It sounds almost as bad as Google having Gmail being called a public “beta” for over three years. All we need now is Tobias Fünke to exclaim: “Let the Great Experiment begin!”

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